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Beyond Katrina: Lessons In Creating Resilient Communities
Aug 26, 2015 | read more ›

The impact of climate change on the UK insurance sector, September 2015
Aug 26, 2015 | read more ›

Willis Resilience
Aug 26, 2015 | read more ›

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The Willis Research Network (WRN) aims to provide an open forum for the advancement of the science of extreme events through close collaboration between universities, insurers, reinsurers, catastrophe modelling companies, government research institutions and non-governmental organisations.
Our members are extremely important to the ongoing success of the WRN and demonstrate the increasing acceptance of our research in the scientific, public policy, governmental and finance arenas.

WRN Members

The Willis Research Network provides a platform for public science and academic institution research facilities to work together with business and finance members to improve the world's view of risk.

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WRN Institutional Links & Affiliations

Through our relationships with institutions around the world the Willis Research Network can call on a diverse range of skills in science, risk, finance, mathematics and public policymaking. These relationships help us to keep our work relevant and focused on the risks that matter.

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WRN Personnel Directory

This Member Directory brings together the details of all of the people who work on our various areas of research in each of the different member categories. You can find all of our research leaders, partners and fellows here and view them by our various areas of research.

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WRN Willis Personnel

The Willis Research Network would not be able to operate without the support and hard work of a number of Willis Group employees. These Willis personnel bring expertise from specific areas of the Willis business to our research network and help to keep our work focused.

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About WRN

As economic, social and environmental uncertainties increase, institutions and populations seek greater resilience to support sustainable growth. Science and insurance lay at the heart of understanding, managing and sharing these risks, building more secure futures at local and global scales.

The Willis Research Network (WRN) operates across the full spectrum of risk from natural catastrophe, to legal liability, financial and security issues linked across driving themes: Resilience, Security & Sustainable Growth; Managing Extremes; Insurance & Risk Management and Mastering the Modelled World.

All Members and activities are united by a common aim: improving resilience by integrating first class science into operational and financial decision-making across public and private institutions.

Latest News

Changing Cyber Risks
Oct 07, 2015 | read more ›

WRN Hurricane Commentary: Hurricane JOAQUIN
Oct 02, 2015 | read more ›

Sea Level Rise Study with comment from Dr Adam Sobel of Columbia University
Sep 30, 2015 | read more ›

Threats and Opportunities of Demographic Change: Asia
Sep 15, 2015 | read more ›

Interactive Map of Hurricane Katrina
Aug 28, 2015 | read more ›


Fast Facts

  • The WRN was formed in September 2006 to support leading academic research into extreme events, with a specific focus on responding to the challenges faced by businesses, insurers and governments
  • The WRN's membership spans the globe, counting more than 50 world-class universities, scientific research organisations and public policy institutions
  • Collectively, our members have published more than 100 papers in leading scientific journals
  • Nearly all of the WRN's research is freely available to the public and can be downloaded on our website

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